Part of the Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA), Banham Zoo is an award winning family attraction which is home to over 2,000 animals from around the world all set in 50 acres of parkland.

With many experiences and fantastic animals to enjoy, Banham zoo is a perfect family day out for the whole family.

Be sure to book some of the day experiences and test your balance and heights on SkyTrek.


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With over 2,000 animals to see, the park is well laid out to see the range of Mammals, Domestic Livestock, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish & Invertebrates on show.

The zoo has enclosures which are well positioned with plenty of safety glasses to ensure you can see the animals clearly.

Walk around the giraffes outdoor enclosure and you’ll find these beautiful animals coming within metres of you. This helps by a slight dip on their side and raised walking area which means you are at head height of the giraffes.

Some enclosures have the opportunity to walk through, which makes for a great experience. This can be done with the flamingos, Lemurs and Penguins.

‘Eureka’ is an indoor experience which allows you to walk around a tropical enclosure with the likes of Sloths climbing above you. Based on South America and its natural habitants you’ll discover Titi monkeys, tortoises as well as free-flying birds and butterflies.

Day Experiences

The zoo offer some great experiences to make your visit that little more special. Below are a list of the experiences you can enjoy, some are required booking prior to visiting.

We’ve personally fed the giraffes which was a fantastic treat and experiences, seeing these animals up so close is simply amazing.

>>>> Our Top Tip <<<<

Book a slot as early in the day as possible, this is due to the animals becoming a little fuller as the day goes on.

Banham Zoo

Feeding the Giraffes

Banahm Zoo - Giraffe

£25.00 per timed slot (15 minutes).

Participants must be 6 years or over. Maximum of 4 people per family/group.

The giraffe experiences are generally not available during, or just after wet weather.

Feed a Tiger Experience

Banham Zoo - Feeding Tiger

On the day £45.00 – Single

On the day £80.00 – 2 People

Participating guests must be aged 14 or over and pregnant women will be unable to participate in this experience.

Feed a Cheetah Experience

Banahm Zoo - Cheetah

On the day £45.00 – Single

On the day £80.00 – 2 People

Participating guests must be aged 14 or over and pregnant women will be unable to participate in this experience.

Feed a Leopard Experience

Banahm Zoo - Leopard

On the day £45.00 – Single

On the day £80.00 – 2 People

Participating guests must be aged 14 or over and pregnant women will be unable to participate in this experience.

Pre-bookable Experiences

1. Big Keeper / Little Keeper Experience

Joint Experience – £225

Grab your adult and become a zoo keeper for the day! This experience allows you to work up close with some fantastic animals, sharing activities such as feeding, cleaning and making up enrichment, all accompanied by a qualified keeper.

Big or Little, this a great opportunity to create wonderful memories together.

This three hour experience gets booked up weeks in advance so we advise booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

2. Adult Keeper Experience

Adult Half Day Experience (1pm to 4pm) – £150 or £225 for Two people.

Feel what it’s like to be a zoo keeper for half the day. Working closely with a zoo keeper you’ll carry out some of the following activities;

  • Make up enrichment and/or food for some of the different animals we have in the collection and clean one of their indoor enclosures
  • Visit our gang of meerkats and feed them
  • Meet our Australian paddock animals and get the opportunity to feed the red kangaroos
  • Feed and clean flamingos, sheep and sitatunga.
  • Meet the maned wolves

You’ll receive an experience T-shirt, a certificate of participation and photos to take home to show off to your family.

3. Junior Keeper Experience (8-13 year olds)

Junior Half Day Experience (1pm to 4pm) – £150 or £225 for Two people

Your little ones will love this experience of being a zoo keeper for half the day. Join a zoo keeper and carry out some of these activities which may include:

  • Visit the giraffe house, clean their indoor quarters and feed them.
  • Make up enrichment and/or food for some of the different animals we have in the collection and clean one of their indoor enclosures.
  • Prepare nectar to feed to our flock of Swainson’s lorikeets.
  • Meet the maned wolves.

You’ll receive an experience T-shirt, a certificate of participation and photos to take home to show off to your family.

Please visit Banham Zoo website for terms and conditions. Prices are of September 2020.

Activities and Displays

Throughout the park there are plenty of activities and displays to enjoy for all ages! Sit and enjoy a display of wonderful birds or climb up high and take on Skytrek and its aerial challenges. Below are just four activities and displays from the many available at the Zoo.

Banham Zoo - Bird Show

Birds of The World Display

A personal favourite, a wonderful display of some great birds by well-educated handlers. Watch the likes of a Bald Eagle, Vultures, Parrots and Owls, flying around the arena and even over your head. The Peregine Falcon shows off its speed and hunting skills with its handler, showing you how it would hunt in the wild.

The Vultures are great, hear me out, they get a bad reputation but the handlers explain their importance in Africa and that in fact these graceful birds are becoming extinct. Watch them fly elegantly across the pond and you’ll soon learn these are in fact wonderful birds.

The Show last around 30 minutes and has varies times throughout the day.

Amazing Animals

Take a seat at this fascinating presentation of some great mammals and birds. Presenters on stage show off the likes of ring tailed lemurs, common Genet, rats, barn owl, large hairy armadillo, red-legged seriema and blue & gold macaws.

Like the bird show, this is another well-educated show and you are sure to learn something new or find a new love.

Be sure to catch one of these 30 minute shows on your visit.

Safari Road Train

Give your feet a rest and jump aboard and enjoy an informative train trip around the park. This trip runs throughout the day following the same route making sure to pass all those favourite animals.

They’ve introduced a ‘quiet experience’ which is involves no commentary and lets you enjoy a quieter ride around the zoo. These are the first and last trips of the day.


Test your skills at aerial challenges and take on ‘Skytrek’. A series of obstacles awaits as you make your way to the end where a zip wire brings you back down. There are two levels to choose from depending on your age and ability ‘Skytrek’ & ‘Skytrek Junior’. The junior course runs underneath the higher course, which include similar challenges at a lower level.

Open weekends and school holidays from Easter to September.

SkyTrek High Course Prices (2020)

All Ages (6 years old and over)£7.50Banham Zoo & Africa Alive! Season Ticket holders£6.50

SkyTrek Junior Prices (2020)

All Ages (4 years old and over)£6.00Banham Zoo & Africa Alive! Season Ticket holders£5.00

Banham Zoo - Skytrek

Plan your visit

Opening Times

  • 7th September to 1st November 2020, Zoo Close: 5pm (Last Admission 4pm)
  • 2nd November to 31st December 2020, Zoo Close: 4pm (Last Admission 3pm)

Ticket Prices & Memberships


Standard Price (inc. donation)



(exc. donation)




Children (Aged 3-15 years)



Under 3’s



Senior Citizens (Aged from 65 years)



Registered Disabled Child / Adult



Registered Disabled Carer



Why not become an Annual Member

Your pass also includes free admission to ZSEA sister park Africa Alive!

1 year
Adult (Aged from 16 years) £65.00 £110.00
Senior Citizens (Aged from 65 years) £55.00 £100.00
Children (Aged 3-15 years) £45.00 £80.00
Children Under 3
(Day admission without a pass for under 3’s is now charged at £1)
£10.00 £15.00
Registered Disabled Adult / Child / Carer £32.50 £55.00

How to find Banham Zoo

Banham Zoo offers a lovely day out for the entire family with lots to enjoy. If you have any questions regarding the zoo please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or email us for more information.


  1. Fifty years ago there was a little ‘zoo’ nearby my hometown where we used to go. The poor animals were put in small cages with hardly any freedom of movement. But we kids didn’t know a different kind of zoo and were always interested in visiting it to to marvel at animals we had never seen before.
    It is such a pleasure that zoos have evolved to spacious areas and the Banham Zoo looks like a great one. Especially with all the events. Thanks for your review of it. 🙂

    1. Hi Hannie,

      The animals here have plenty of room, trees and obstacles to enjoy and relax in. There’s always that disagreement with animals being kept in closures but I believe it wasn’t for zoos and their programme for breeding that many animals could go extincted.

      Banham Zoo is proud of this and show this throughout the park.

  2. Visiting Banham zoo is something on our list to do this, and hopefully we can still achieve it. We have been hesitant booking it due to the covid-19 situation. But after reading your article you have motivated me again to make sure vising Banham zoo is a must for this year.

    Many thanks for the information

  3. Hi Damon,

    I’m not quite sure what it is about zoos, but they always make me feel a little nostalgic, remind me of my childhood.

    I guess that’s because my main experiences of zoos mainly come from my younger days. I have visited the “local”, London zoo a number of times, and a number of zoos when I’ve been abroad.

    However, I must say after spending some time on your website, and only really ever having been to Norfolk once, you are certainly opening my eyes to what’s on offer.

    I think I’ve mentioned before that I do love travelling around the UK, and you’ve certainly given me a great itinerary for Norfolk.

    Banham Zoo is a must for me, and I can see myself enjoying feeding the various wild cats, and I’m definitely up for SkyTrek.


    1. Hi Partha,

      Thank you for your comment and I’m pleased that you are finding useful information within my website.

      I personally have good memories of zoos when growing up and living so close to Banham zoo we used to go a lot. One zoo I’ve always wanted to go to is London Zoo but sadly not had the time to go.

      We have other smaller wildlife parks coming up for you to enjoy, so please keep posted and I hope you visit Norfolk soon.

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